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In a relatively short time of its existence, Donbass Arena was able to earn a lot of awards and great respect among the common people. Few people know that one of the main treasures of the Arena is directly situated in the central part of the city and the park that surrounds this magnificent structure. It is worth noting that the area of the park - 25 hectares, and the area is open every day for everyone. Pride of place, definitely, is the world's largest granite ball that spins on the water. German craftsmen have tried their best and created a creature in 28 tons of granite a special breed that looks a lot like a football. Scale sculptures are amazing, because in diameter ball over 2.7 m in diameter and stand - 3.60 m and weight - 12.5 tons entire construction runs a special program. All this beauty, you can contemplate on the webcam, which is aimed directly at this masterpiece. Enable online mode on the webcam and see for yourself how much this place is popular among tourists. See real-time charm of Donbass Arena!

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