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Large-scale project "Donbass Arena", for all his own, a short time of existence has already managed to cause a lot of excitement and even more resentment. In fact, this place is the fourth stadium throughout the post-Soviet territory, which can accommodate a large number of people that it is a distinct advantage. Well in Ukraine is second only to the National sports complex "Olympic". Just by using this webcam, you can see the local division of the regional sports complex "Olympic", formerly called "Locomotive", located across the street Chelyuskincev. Football fans could not forget that before NSK "Olympic" was the home stadium of FC "Shakhtar". And with the construction of the Donbass Arena this honorable mission passed her. Webcam in real time, will show you the scenery, which had lured fans "Olympic". Include a webcam in online mode and plunge into the world of nostalgia and memories.

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