Webcam Henichesk - Border checkpoint Chongar

See on webcam Border checkpoint Chongar and watch the weather in Henichesk

Веб камера Пограничный пункт пропуска Чонгар

About webcam "Border checkpoint Chongar" in Henichesk

Border checkpoint Chongar, located on the territory of Ukraine, is now being installed here is using a webcam. The device works round the clock in real time, to start broadcasting it is enough to have a computer or phone capable of taking video signal and a good connection to the Internet. Webcam installed so opposite edge of the item that the user receives a lot of useful information. People can not only see what the political situation currently in the city Genichesk, but how many cars are currently under examination. The web camera sends a signal without interruption, any stop connected with poor network quality from the user. The stream is fed into the grid absolutely for free, regardless of where the user position, it can find out interesting information online. the camera captures in a frame is not only the post, but the roadbed, curb and area around. Shooting it is not prohibited by the Ukrainian authorities, on the contrary, this is a great opportunity to give people additional information about what is happening around them.

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