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Веб камера Арабатская коса

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The Arabat spit in the town of Genichesk in Ukraine, a perfect place where a lot of sun in the summer, white sand and vacationers seeking here on vacation. For the greater convenience of the visitors here virtually all areas located parasols and sun loungers on which to sunbathe after swimming in the sea. Small base not only offers rental services of equipment, but also fresh seafood, light snacks in the cafe. To find out more about this place and understand why it is so loved by some, just turn on the webcam. The device is located on one of the posts driven into the beach. It's a nice visible not only base, but also the coastline. Can be clearly seen how the wave height at the time of viewing the video. The camera takes a picture of the clock in real time, just after sunset becoming difficult to see due to the lack of the required number of directional light. If on the Arabat spit in the wind you will not be able to ignore it due to the check boxes, located near the webcam. The more intense they are developing in the wind, the more waves on the coast and it is also hard not to notice. On the picture you can see that the braid passes between two ponds, on the one hand the boundless sea, and on the other a limited Maritime space, where people also bathe when on the right side too much the wind catches the wave.

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