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Веб камера Побережье Генической горки

About webcam "Coast of Genicheskaya Gorka" in Henichesk

Coast of Genicheskaya Gorka in the same city Genichesk, which is located on the territory of Ukraine, is famous not only for large spaces, but also beautiful beaches, white sand, gentle slope into the water. I come here with joy to relax people of different ages at any time of year, when summer is in most cases a beach vacation, then spring and autumn you can just soak up the sun and to fry a shish kebab. Close to the beach is on base with gear for rent, a rescue tower and other leisure buildings. Webcam installed, not only allows you to see in real time what was going on, but also to assess the benefits of this place. On the edge of the nearest buildings is selected, it falls perfectly in the frame and by its activity we can understand how strong at the moment, the wind on the coast. Web camera though and takes a picture of the clock, after dark it becomes quite not to distinguish between the sea and everything that happens there. The device is aimed mostly at the beach, so the buildings at the bottom into the frame, only edges of the roofs. It is difficult to overestimate the benefits from this webcam, especially if you've never been on the coast of Genicheskaya Gorka, but do not want to be disappointed in your choice. Due to the device and fed real-time images you can not only see the quality of the beach, but weather conditions to adjust your vacation.

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