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In any city in the world has its own area where not only people like to spend free time, but in whose territory the organized mass city events and holidays. As a rule, such areas are paved or lined with brick tiles, their size allows to accommodate more than a dozen people and sometimes more than one hundred.

In Kharkov's Constitution square, around which are gathered some of the most notable buildings, namely the Church, and administrative buildings. In the middle of the square there is a monument, and throughout its length scattered flowerbeds and the planting of trees. With one of the sides of the square formed Parking for cars, behind it there is a road. Anyone who has the opportunity today to explore the area without spending any time or money. On one of the tall buildings in front of the facility was installed the webcam, thanks to which managed to cover the area of the square, and several areas around it. Half of the city can be seen in bird's-eye, but the farther, the more the camera catches only the roofs of the houses.

The device works round the clock in real time, therefore, if you are unable to attend the event, you will always have the opportunity to see what is happening on the screen of the phone or computer. By nightfall, the picture changes dramatically, with now the webcam is not visible sidewalks and roads, and the Windows with the lights on and the lights on the square.

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