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The town of Coloma is located on the left Bank of the Prut river flows through the territory of Ukraine. It's safe to say that this is one of the most beautiful regional centers within its borders. The first mention of the city, scientists have found in 1240, but the theories about the origin of the name very much, so scientists have not yet agreed on one particular. At the very beginning of its existence it was just a guard of the fortress, then in its place was built a Polish castle, which has repeatedly tried to conquer the Tatars and valhala. Only in the Austrian times, there began a flowering of urban development, it was then that the town got its main treasures, namely the monuments. Today, as before, the city famed for its songs and ceramics, the old center to the present time has been almost completely restored. Tourists come here to admire the Museum of Easter eggs. If earlier to see the city was with its streets, today there is a great opportunity to see a panorama from height of bird's flight. Stream from the web camera installed on one of the tall buildings, is conducted around the clock in real time. You can see the city at any time of the day, the picture on the screen changes all the time, if the day it's easy to consider the General architecture of the buildings, the night, the object appears before you in a completely different light. Because the stream is freely available for anyone to watch it from any side of the globe, enough to have computer and connection to the Internet. In the night time well observed streets and the traffic on them, visible window within the sight of the residential sector.

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