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A city in Ukraine Kolomyja cannot be called as a modern metropolis, it is rather the object on which territory the small streets, low-rise buildings old buildings, measured life. Despite the lack of a huge amount of progress in the city, here, as in any village there are administrative buildings, train station, shops, bus stops and everything you need for creating quality infrastructure. If a few years ago, no one did not even know that such a city actually is on the map, but today anyone can see it without leaving room of your apartment, no matter where it is. Installed on the square in front of city hall webcam gives you the opportunity to make a virtual journey, it's enough to have a computer and connection to the Internet. The picture clearly shows the silhouettes of the building, its architectural features, driveway, Parking, and other objects. If you look closely, the shot misses one of the Central areas of the city, all the buildings here are built in the same style and become a good example for studying the architectural forms of the former Soviet Union., when Ukraine was still part of the USSR. For residents of the city web camera has become the salvation to the issue of the safety of the vehicle. people working nearby can easily observe what is happening within the scope of the camera from the phone screen, tablet, this device should just accept and reproduce the video signal. The webcam works around the clock, but it is not designed for night mode, that's why dark silhouettes of buildings and machines not visible where the light from lights almost falling. Throughout the day the stream is freely available to any Internet user.

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