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Not only the major Metropolitan areas of Ukraine today highlights the Internet through the lens installed there web cameras. Small towns such as Coloma, also can be viewed in real time from the comfort of home. webcam on site installed in front of monuments, landmarks and just focused on small areas of the city. This stream is from the road junction in Central square, thanks to successfully selected location, the web camera covers the junction almost completely. A small distance from the street enables users in the details of the building, the layout and the facility in General. The webcam works around the clock in online, so all the information is accurate and operational. The device delivers the stream to the Internet to watch the stream, anyone can absolutely free. Unfortunately, after dark it becomes not see anything, only a small light sources, which installed at the junction and the light in the Windows of buildings. The best time to view the video after sunrise, during this period, the user receives a maximum of useful information about the object.

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