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On the territory of any city is required to have a street that everyone knows and which is notable for some sort of event buildings. Usually on this street, the people there are rumors, and tourists definitely tell something interesting and exciting. Most other areas remain absolutely not remarkable, but it does not mean that their architecture is impossible to determine the atmosphere in the city, particularly landscape design and much more, which would give the user useful information for reflection. To any Internet user could see the town of Kramatorsk on site has installed several web cameras that stream from them is fed into the grid absolutely for free. In the frame of this camera hits Palace street, which is not only broad road for the passage of cars, but also houses, shops and other administrative buildings. The web camera captures the street along its entire length, but this is not necessary, in other areas of the city are other devices. Webcam working around the clock in real time, supplied to the picture information is reliable and gives the user additional information about the object. The device operates around the clock, in addition to video it can give and the sound, simply activate it at the bottom of the player. At night the street is well lit so you can see what the locals are doing after sunset.

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