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Multifamily buildings are characterized by a large concentration of people within a single room that is divided into sections, and later on the flats. If in a private home we have the opportunity to have a private yard where we are free to do whatever we want, then people living in apartments, this is not possible. But this does not mean that they have no Pridvorova territory, it is, but is not personal use and is not covered by a fence. In the courtyard of an apartment building are usually benches, a Playground, football field and area for hanging clothes. In recent times it has become popular to install in the yards of Webcams, through which residents can observe in real time what is happening below. Without such precautions is not enough, now mothers, there is no need to go down, just turn on the stream and see where the child is. Assess the ability of the motorists don't have your own garage and have to leave the vehicle. The webcam can be used by any network user completely free, it is sufficient to have at hand a device and the Internet. Now residents of an apartment building in Kramatorsk do, they watch everything going on from the screen of your own computer.

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