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In many cities is a Central square used for public events and just for walking by local residents. Most of them can be seen today on the screen of your own computer, activating one of the broadcasts. Not spared the technical progress and the city of Kramatorsk, located on the territory of Ukraine. The shot misses the area, not completely, but you can see the driveway to her Parking lot and the Park area of the lawn and flowerbeds. To travel today is easier and no cost, take advantage of this opportunity. The webcam, mounted in front of the object on a pole, shows the architecture of the building and its infrastructure. The stream is fed into the grid for free in real time around the clock. In the night, difficulty may arise in considering the detail. The device does not have a night mode, and no concentrated source of light, so the picture quality deteriorates. Thanks to the device you can return to your city, not only to see their homes, but also to hear the voice of the city of Kramatorsk.

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