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Alley near the burn is a unique place where you can spend time a large company. The administration has tried to make landscape design attracted more attention, fascinated and delighted, and it's really hard to look away when many plantings begin in the spring to bloom and give color. The project site is landscaped and always clean, if you want to verify this yourself, turn on your computer stream the video from the event. the web camera was installed in front of the alley not so long ago, but the picture has interested people around the world. Due to the broadcast people had a unique opportunity to see how to look like cities in other countries, what are architectural forms used by the masters of design. Throughout the alleys are lights, which at night illuminate the well area. Web camera broadcasts the picture of the clock in real time for the user to have a computer or other device that receives video signal and good Internet speed. The frame gets not only the bed of the alley, but the buildings around and walking paths. The quality of the recording allows the details to see the people in the frame and even get to know them.

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