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In Ukraine there are universities that are valued for the quality of teaching, the uniqueness of scientific activity, and more. One of them is located in the city Zhytomyr University named after Ivan Franko is popular not only among the local youth, people come here from other cities. Now evaluate the quality of educational institutions with computer screens, for that there was a webcam, which is due to the Internet sent a picture of the scene. The camera broadcasts a video around the clock in real time. With the stream there are no problems, the only trouble you can encounter – poor or slow Internet that allows you to view the stream normally. In the night shooting continues, but you can only distinguish shadows from passing along the street people and the lights from passing cars. In the frame of the webcam hits the front door of the University, the building looks quite attractive and at first sight suggests the idea of a large number of students there. In addition to the walls of the building on the screen can be considered a large area in front of the University, there is no Parking for passenger vehicles, it is located in a different place. The webcam gives you a unique opportunity to travel on many miles from home to get the maximum useful information for yourself and this opportunity must use it, the more it is absolutely free.

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