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Zhytomyr is in a unique natural setting, all sides of the city are surrounded by ancient forests through which flow into Teterev, Kamenka, Kroshenka and Putiatynka. The Teteriv River usually forms the southern boundary of Zhytomyr, although there are also small sections of the territory on the southern bank of the river. The city is rich in parks and public squares.

Zhytomyr is located on the main street network with the center on the main public square of the city, called the Cathedral Maidan (which means Cathedral Square). The building with ships and some other institutions is located in the west of the square. Until 1991 the Zhytomyr Regional Committee of the Communist Party was located in this building. Right behind the building (that is, to the west of Cathedral Square) is a small quiet park with the name of Castle Mountain (Castle Hill) containing a monument car with the inscription that this is the place where Zhytomyr was founded. This historic center of Zhytomyr is located in the southern part of the city. The old part is located on three rocky hills above the river Kamenka.

The old town is surrounded by new residential complexes, whose names are often borrowed from the former suburban villages or reflect the long-standing professions common in these places. The main streets connecting the Cathedral Maidan with the outskirts of Zhitomir are Kievskaya Street (it goes to the northeast, to the railway station, and to the main bus station of the city), the streets of Velikaya Berdichevskaya (to the southeast), the streets of Lech Kaczynski (to the southwest, its further continuation is Chudnivskaya Street, going to the beaches and forest park near the Teteriv River), and Peremokhi Street (to the north). Prospect Mira and Elit-Flora, which are broadcasted around the world around the clock in real time.

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