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Kathmai is a national nature reserve of Alaska, known as the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokers. This is a huge area with a large number of brown bears, which together occupy 4 093 077 acres. Most of this territory is considered a reserve, where all hunting is prohibited. The park got its name in accordance with Mount Kathmai. The park is located on a peninsula headquartered in nearby Salmon, about 290 miles from Anchorage. One of the attractions of this place are 18 volcanoes. Of these, 7 were still active until 1900. After the designation of the park, it remained undeveloped and was not open until the 1950s. After a series of expansion, the current national park, Katmay occupies part of the Pacific Ocean on the peninsula of Alaska, opposite the island of Kodiak in the Shelikof Strait. The nearest significant city to the park is King Salmon, where the headquarters of the park is located, about 5 miles from the Naknek River from the entrance to the park. The road on the peninsula of Alaska connects Lake Naknek. It is worth saying that the road is not connected with the road system of Alaska. Access to the terrain is carried out by boat through Lake Naknek. Another road runs from the Brooks camp to Triviks, where you can see the valley. The coast line is 497 miles long with a deep indentation, going from the entrance to the Cook's entrant in Kamishak Bay to the south to Cape Kubugakli. The mountains run from the southwest to the northeast, about 15 miles inland. The park includes the McNeil River Nature Reserve and a refuge in the Bay of Kamishak. A view of the river in the national reserve Kathmai opens with the webcam installed there. Round-the-clock broadcast from it is presented on this page, it is available to everyone without exception.

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