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The Alanyak River, called a wild river, it originates in the reserve at Lake Kukaklek in Katmai Park and then flows into the Bristol Bay. The park joins Bečarofa reserve in the south. On its territory it is forbidden not only to hunt, but also to play sports, organize picnics. The park protects from human influence 3,922,529 acres, there are also protected areas. Most of the mountains in the park are of volcanic origin. The park was changed by glaciation, at high altitude, where the mountains were molded by glaciers and in the lowlands where the lakes were excavated. The park also has paved plains and terminal moraines, soil types vary from rock or volcanic ash to deep moist soils covered with peat. Although permafrost exists at higher elevations, it does not exist in the lowlands. There are two physiographical provinces in the park, the Aleutian Range consists of the shoreline of the Shelik Strait, about 10 miles along the coast, the Aleutian mountain zone and the lake or in the Hudson zone. A view under the water in the mountain river Kathmai is opened through a webcam. The device works around the clock, it is possible to increase the video to full screen. The video is free, available online wherever there is access to the Internet.

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