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Cleveland is a beautiful city with a uniquely American culture, but it cannot be called a tourist, people come here from other countries who want to holiday in a peaceful setting on the banks of the lake. It is the lake is the main attraction of these places, it gives incredible scenery on its shores and a unique atmosphere. Besides him there are other places that you can visit, but it is in the city, not its outskirts, for example, the Church. Church on the outskirts is a small building, made in a purely Catholic style and can't help but notice when you first look at it. It can be seen not only arriving in the city, but also to include the online broadcast from Webcams. It works in real time around the clock. Thanks to technological advances it has become possible to explore other cities without spending personal funds. Webcam fully covers the area around the Church and the entrance to it. The device provides timely information about all events at the Church, and the shot fall coming areas of the city. In night time shooting does not stop, but it becomes difficult to see in detail. The main reason for the deterioration of the quality of the shot – the lack of light around the building, the rest of the time you can in detail to see the surrounding area and the Church itself.

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