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North America is one of the places where nature can surprise a man endlessly with the beauty of her landscapes. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to come here to enjoy the spectacle and the reasons for this can be many. In Cleveland, there's a beautiful spot – lake Erie, come here to relax not only the locals but also from other cities and even countries. Here is an amazing air, nature, there is something to see and where to relax. Good news for those who are just planning their vacation in this place, now you can see the panorama with lake Erie on your computer in real time, at any time convenient for you. The webcam works around the clock, but at night we can't see anything, and because there are powerful lights on the lake. The device was mounted so that the user was able to obtain the maximum useful information for him. The shot misses the sky, so it is easy to navigate due to weather conditions, water surface, to evaluate not only the extent of the lake, but the water quality. In addition, clearly visible from the coastline, see the descent to the water quality of the territory surrounding space with rich greenery and trees. If you look at the picture see the city behind the lake, it's big enough and developed. On the lake you can not just stay with the tents, and swim, catch fish.

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