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Wide expanses gradually began to gain popularity, especially those that allow you to observe the simple walks of people, their rest and just a pleasant environment. Therefore, today we suggest that you pay attention to the camera, which is aimed at the central public square in the city of Cleveland, which is located in North America. Thanks to such a successful foreshortening, almost all the area falls under the camera angle and covers a lot of interesting objects.

The most part is occupied by the lawn, which is part of the square and simply allows you to enjoy a pleasant natural environment. On the lawn there were unpretentious figures of a statue of orange color. Considering that they are removable, they were placed there for a while, but it is for the better, since the orange color does not fit into this environment at all. In the distance you can see the square itself, on the left you can see a small decorative structure, and on the right the building has a warehouse (it is temporary and is there only in case of any events).

From below there are trees and a walking alley, which in the spring looks just fabulous. In the center of the avenue is a monument to a man in a chair, who exactly, it was not yet possible to find out. And through the square, the road, through which municipal transport passes occasionally, is forgiven, compared to the road, which is located a little higher. Thanks to numerous objects, users have the opportunity to simply enjoy a pleasant swirl and replenish the personal treasury of interesting places.

Now you have one more additional option for a pleasant time, most importantly, make the right use of available resources and try to enjoy the environment. Do not hurry, there is no fuss, a simple area with leisurely people and a pleasant view. What could be better? We wish you a pleasant viewing!

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