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About webcam "The George Washington Bridge, Interstate 95 Express" in the city New York

New York is a big metropolis in which people live modern life, its entire infrastructure is made in such a way that the local residents feel as comfortable as possible. The George Washington bridge, enjoys great popularity, it connects the two large halves of the city, so it is always an active traffic with frequent traffic jams. If you look at the object from the point of view of architectural design, it is unique. It is a complex design with sufficient strength to withstand the enormous accumulation of vehicles both passenger and cargo type. You can see the bridge arriving in the country, and it is possible to stay home and get maximum of useful information without looking away from the daily chores and lifestyle. a clear idea of the structure gives a glance at him from the height of bird flight, to the network users could enjoy the spectacle and appreciate the advantages of the construction on the interstate 95 Express aimed the webcam at the George Washington bridge.

The camera is installed so as to fully cover the object, including the surrounding area. From this perspective is viewed one of the most popular areas of the city, but to examine in detail any of the objects is not possible, the stream gives a General idea of the bridge. The device operates around the clock, the picture comes into the network in real time day and night. After sunset, before the audience appears totally different sight than if the video were viewed during the day. In the hours of darkness lit by thousands of lights and the city begins to live a different life, is a unique spectacle that is unavailable from earth, and therefore the time spent on the stream will never be sorry.

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