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In many countries, there is McDonald’s, this company has spread its network over a huge territory due to the popularity of its products. Few people know the interesting fact that the main business of the company is not selling hamburgers at all, they are investing in the land on which they build cafes. In New York, too, there are several cafes along its entire length; in general, Americans are very fond of fast food, so in almost every city there is a small establishment where you can enjoy branded hamburgers.

If there is no McDonald’s in your city yet, you can see it by switching on the broadcast from the webcam. McDonalds in Times Square is designed for a large number of people, it is not surprising, in the city, even in one district there are more than a thousand citizens. The webcam is aimed at the entrance to the institution, it completely covers its facade. The device works in real time, thanks to which you know exactly what is happening at the moment in the voiced territory. The webcam works around the clock, with the onset of darkness, neon signs light up, which both attract the consumer. The picture in the frame changes dramatically, everything that happens around becomes better visible.

People in such large cities only come to life after dark, if you do not believe that the rhythm of life is accelerating - turn on the broadcast and see for yourself.

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