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Kusatsu has the largest natural stream of hot springs in all of Japan, most of which is located in Yubataka in the city center. Sour, strongly acidic waters are considered the best in Japan for centuries, and the resort city is constantly ranked first in the ranking of onsen. It is difficult to beat Kusatsu in terms of the quality and quantity of his waters. You can enjoy the waters of Kusatsu in the city baths and Ryokan. The most famous public baths in Sainokawara Rotemburo (large outdoor pools in Sainokawara Park), in Otakinoyu with its unique baths, which are presented in the form of several wooden pools with different water temperatures, and Gozanoyu is a beautiful wooden building next to Yubatake with two simple, traditional baths . In addition to these three large public baths, there are more than a dozen small community baths scattered throughout the city, which can be used for free by both locals and tourists. They usually have small, semi-divided pools that usually accommodate 2-4 people and are filled with very hot water. Two of the small baths for the communities offer a special bathing experience called jikanyu (illuminated bath), bathing therapy unique to Kusatsu, where the group bathes in very hot water (usually about 48 degrees Celsius) exactly three minutes. The benefits of hot water include opening your pores and increasing blood flow in your body and your brain. Of course, water Kusatsu can also be used in bathrooms in the ryokan throughout the city. While guests can use the baths for free during their stay, some ryokan also open their baths for regular visitors during the day, for admission usually from 500 to 1500 yen. You can view the baths through the live broadcast in real time. The camera works online without delays with a quality connection.

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