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Hot springs and mineral-rich lakes often advertise their health benefits, but most of them just relax the muscles and lower the blood pressure that you can get in hot water anywhere. However, several sources, lakes and seas do provide additional health benefits due to the high concentration of certain minerals and other beneficial substances in them. Although these waters are not medicinal products, people who stay in them can find a number of useful properties for arthritis, wrinkles. Japan is famous for its thermal springs (called onsen in Japanese). These places are located throughout the country. Kusatsu, a city in the center of the Kanto region, boasts a high concentration of onsen. Thanks to the volcanic and geothermal activity of water from hot springs in abundance and in the city there are more than 100 resorts. Many of the most traditional complexes consist of wooden structures. In addition to the standard pools for aging, these places sometimes offer additional services for health and beauty. A small onsen is a landscape, but in Kusatsu there are also large public baths and open foot baths, in which cheap entry prices. They say that the spring waters open the pores of the skin and give a feeling of relaxation on the bathers. It is believed that a high concentration of useful acids and sulfur provides a wide range of health benefits. You can see thermal sources in real time via the web camera lens. The quality of shooting will please, and the video itself is available around the clock for any user.

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