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Phuket is popular all over the world resort, which attracts attention thanks to white sand beaches, lots of water and underwater entertainment, warm sea and so on. The city resembles a gem, but of irregular shape, this island is famous for coral reefs, cliffs at the coast, dense vegetation, coconut plantation and old architecture, which tried to preserve the existing power. We can not say about the unique nature of the island, on its territory there are waterfalls, which make the site perfect in order to be able to talk about heaven on earth. A greater number of beaches are located here on the West coast is white sand, which is washed by the warm waves of the Andaman sea. The rest here will seem even more interesting if you decide to come a big company, but that doesn't mean couples will be bored on vacation. The city authorities, remembering the history of the formation of the city trying to make it so that the city is constantly evolving as the tourism business on its territory. Each year every effort is made to ensure that Phuket could offer to tourists as much as possible. One of the most popular in the city is Bangla road, where the movement does not stop even late at night. This is one of the main arteries of the city, that's why there was a webcam broadcasting the picture in real time around the clock. The device gives high quality stream at any time of the day, even after sunset, and all due to the fact that the city has signs, lights, so its streets are well illuminated.

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