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If you've never been to Thailand, but heard a lot about this country and its beauty will pay attention to the coast of Patong beach, which is located in Phuket. When compared with Pattaya, here the shoreline is wider and the sea is cleaner and recreational opportunities for much more. If you want to see the advantages described can include online broadcasting from the coast, not just to appreciate its advantages, but also to enjoy the beauty that go every year to watch up to three million people from around the world. There is a sandy and pebbly beach, which is located in the form of a semicircle. Water on site is crystal clear, the deepening goes smoothly, it is ideal for spearfishing or just diving. Your child will love this beach, the infrastructure of the facility was carefully considered, and the administration took care in making the beach as safe as possible. You can see everything with your own eyes if you activate the stream, the web Cam goes straight to the coast there is sand and water. Thanks to a web camera you will know the weather in real time, and will be able to assess the quality of the equipment to the beach. The device operates around the clock, but after sunset, don't wait for a clear picture. Bright light on the beach is missing, the device is not designed for night mode so the picture is cloudy, the sea surface visible lights from passing ships.

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