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To attract more tourists to the city of Phuket, local authorities and the owners of tourist business come up with more innovations to surprise the visitors. Thanks to the development of technical progress to do something amazing today you can quickly, without spending too much money on illumination, decoration and design. One of the most beautiful sights that could appear before your eyes – the beach on the roof of the hotel in Phuket. To each network user can see what is a beach on site was a web camera. Stream is available round the clock free access to real-time, it is enough to have on hand a computer and a good connection to the network. these rest on the roof of the hotel has its advantages, hence not only seen half the city, but far fewer people, which contributes to a quiet and relaxing holiday. Web camera works at night to be able to evaluate areas in the facility were in a large number of installed lighting. Despite the fact that the device is not designed for night shooting, each object can be seen perfectly, and also have the possibility to activate the sound. Not in any resort town the property is on tricks in an attempt to attract more customers, but as a publicity stunt broadcast in real time works fine, people can easily appreciate the advantages of this hotel. If you get tired of staying in a hotel you can always go to the beach and enjoy the warm sea and sand there.

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