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Thailand enjoys no less popular with tourists than Egypt, Turkey and other holiday countries. The first thing that attracts people here – cheap and quality holiday, in the country you can spend a wonderful time and enjoy the diving, walks, local attractions or culinary institutions. It is ideal for those who love fish and sea food, in Thailand, they make up a large part familiar to local residents diet. There are several cities in the country, which has been popular among the tourists, among them Phuket. To see it from a bird's eye do not have to get on a plane, modern technical progress has brought many benefits to humanity, especially when there Webcams. This stream presents a panorama of Patong Bay, the web camera is installed at a height so that it was possible to cover more space. In the frame of the lens gets a large area of the city, its narrow streets, the mountains in the background and a bit of surrounding area around the city. The sea here can be seen only in small numbers in the upper left corner, the webcam is not designed to work at night, so after dark, the picture changes dramatically in the scene are only visible lamps and light in Windows of houses of locals. Watch the broadcast at any convenient time, the camera translates the image in real time around the clock. Access to videos is absolutely free, regardless of the geographic location of the user. The camera is easily activated on any device that can receive and reproduce the video signal.

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