Webcam Samui - The view from the top at the Villa Moon Shadow

See on webcam The view from the top at the Villa Moon Shadow and watch the weather in Samui

если трансляция не началась, выберите ее в верхнем левом углу

About webcam "The view from the top at the Villa Moon Shadow" in Samui

On the territory of Thailand, you can get a full rest, which will help gain strength for the next working year. Many people want, but not many people decide to go to Samui and each has their own well-grounded reasons. In fact, Thailand is not only a huge amount of greenery and the extraordinary beauty of the underwater world, but also delicious food, a rich culture. Particularly impressive is the view from the top of the Villa Moon Shadow Hotel, which is opened to users through the lens of the web camera installed here. The picture is fed into the network stably, thanks to a stable connection. The translation is completely free, its quality is the same in any part of the globe. The lens of the web camera gets the vast territory of the island with all its beauties. For some users it is a great opportunity to see the island and find out what the weather reigns on its territory. At night, it is difficult to consider anything, because there is no night mode on the web camera. Sometimes the tops of the forest cover the shroud from a light mist, and this spectacle looks particularly impressive in the hours of dawn. Round-the-clock broadcasting can not be stopped, it works in real time.

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