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About webcam "The view from the hotel Santithani" in Samui

Thailand's island of Samui is constantly filled with tourists, especially if it's about the season. Some just dream to see it, others prefer to specifically study the future resting place, so that later not be disappointed. To date, the island has installed several web cameras, working in real time around the clock. This is a great opportunity to appreciate all the virtues of this paradise on earth. A wonderful view gives a panorama from the hotel Santithani. It opens up to each user a huge territory, stretching for several tens of kilometers. Not only the forest and the coast line get into the frame, but also the water surface. If you look at the broadcast you can see small houses for tourists, cafes and restaurants along the shore. In fact, the purpose of installing the camera was to give a better idea of ​​what exactly the island is. It is for this reason that the lens is removed from specific objects, and the picture can be safely called general. Many users use the video not in order to learn the described object, but simply to learn the weather conditions before the organized rest. The broadcast is completely free, regardless of where you live.

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