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Every hour hundreds of tourists from all over the world with cameras stand as on an important meeting in front of the Old Town Hall of Pagi in the Czech Republic and enjoy the fascinating mechanical performance that in the Middle Ages was considered one of the wonders of the world. The Prague astronomical clock, which for 600 years was one of the city's greatest treasures, still impresses people with its procession of apostles, moving statues and visualizing time, like no other instrument in the world. Legends about the origin of the Prague astronomical clock are many. The most famous, however, is that they were built by Master Hanush in 1410. City councilors at that time so admired the clock that later they began to fear that Master Hanoush would build another one for another European city. Therefore, in one dark night they blinded him, and thus a wonderful clock was left only in Prague. Regardless of whether this legend is true, it is true that at the top of every hour the figures on the sides of the clock are animated, and two windows open, to show the 12 apostles greeting the city. On the sides of the clock you will see a skeleton ringing the bell, a Turk who shakes his head, a miser with a purse full of money and vanity that looks in the mirror. All work ends with the cry of the golden cock and the ringing of the huge bell at the top of the tower. It is also said that with the first cocks ghosts and demons fled from Prague. On a call of hours it is possible to tell, what day, position in a week, month and year. The astronomical clock also tracks central European, Babylonian and sidereal times - in the world. You can also see the position of the celestial bodies on it. In the calendar with replicas of Josef Manes paintings you can see which sign of the zodiac now reigns. During the summer season, do not miss the projection of video mapping, during which the most important events in the history of the Czech Republic come to life on the clock. This is an unforgettable sight! You can look at them and at least partially touch the history through the lens of the web camera installed there. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the picture enters the network around the clock in real time.

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