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Unique design the structure of the Central stadium, is located in Marseille in France. Dozens of architects worked on projects that would in the end people were able not just to see the stadium and enjoy the on site football matches of leading teams during the Championships. The stands can accommodate tens of thousands of people, the surrounding space equipped as the needs of the fans. Today to see Central stadium and a football match on it coming here, but what about those who do not have this capability? One of the matches was captured, and his stream you can watch through videos on the page. If you have not had the opportunity to enjoy a football match in France, you can now enjoy the spectacle in a relaxed atmosphere at home. It is difficult to imagine what the atmosphere is like in the territory of such a huge amount of objects, in which is concentrated a huge number of people. From the shouts a fan of shaking not only the walls, but something inside starts beating in the beat of moods. Central stadium is the place where you should definitely go once in your life, if you are a football fan, even from your computer screen or phone. Good camera work gives the opportunity in detail to examine the quality of construction, to assess the complexity of the work done.

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