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The French Riviera attracts many tourists due to its white sandy beaches, livability, comfort. To see the country with its benefits is not difficult enough to buy a ticket, get on a plane, but to enjoy the panorama from the height only of the Eiffel tower. Today, anyone can cast his gaze to the expanse of Marseille from the comfort of home, it is enough to have a computer, Internet connection and desire. So you can see Marseille from the height of bird flight, there was a webcam covering the town. Due to the fact that the device is not fixed, and moves from left to right, in a few minutes you will see the entire city and even the sea. Only from this height it becomes clear the scale of the development, the city stretches for thousands of kilometers. On its territory are not only high-rise buildings, shopping centers, and the private sector with the elite areas. The webcam works around the clock, the picture is served in real time, so you are always aware of the situation in the city as well as the weather. A webcam is indispensable, especially when you are just going on vacation. At night it looks completely different and the city appears before you in a different light. Once on site millions of lamps are lit, store lighting, it changes shape, is transformed and becomes especially fascinating.

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