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In Marseille, which is located on French territory, a vast waterfront with yachts. It is not surprising with such a population and access to the sea, the city authorities were obliged to provide a place suitable for mooring of Maritime transport. The French love boat trips and for them buying a yacht or boat is comparable to purchasing a car. To see this incredible sight, when thousands of boats and yachts gathered in the same area do not have to spend money on a ticket. Modern technical capabilities allow us to travel without leaving home, it's enough to have a device for receiving and displaying video and a good Internet connection. In front of the promenade with a yacht and a Ferris wheel installed webcam. She takes a picture of the clock in real time. To the space of the promenade was better seen in the web camera installed at a certain height. If you look closely, and count the number of Maritime transport, which is here. Come here not only small boats but of large ships, Parking which takes place in the foreground. The right camera captures a bit of the Ferris wheel, which at night is lit by different lights. With nightfall, the camera catches only the light from the boats and the Windows of nearby buildings, the waterfront area is outside the frame due to the lack of light source.

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