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Hannover County, Virginia, consists of several communities, including Ashland, Mechanicville and Hanover. In this area there are also several delicious restaurants that tempt both meat lovers and vegetarians. From barbecue to Asian to Mexican cuisine throughout the county of Hanover. The cafe located in the museum of trams specializes in an appetizing barbecue. This family restaurant includes dishes from North Carolina and Virginia, made with pork barbecue, and delicious side dishes. Mandatory options include a self-titled bar, a pork sandwich laid out with a mixture of vinegar and spices, sandwiches with a rich sweet sauce based on tomatoes, as well as beef dish cooked with beans, cabbage, potato salad and corncakes. Also, delightful ribs and steaks are available. The hosts offer guests delicious Asian cuisine, filled with fragrances from China, Vietnam, Thailand and Japan. In a modern, elegant space with clean lines and rich colors, guests can enjoy a wide variety of dishes. Tantalizing options include pots in the southern style stuffed with ground pork, onion, ginger and cabbage, roll with crab and cucumber, eel sauce, as well as tofu with onions, jalapenos and five spices. There is also an assortment of drinks. You can see the cafe in the museum of trams through the lens of the web camera installed here, the broadcast from which is sent to the network around the clock in online mode.

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