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Take a step back in time at the Tram Museum in Hanover and have a great day. It is a unique landmark, whose age is more than 50 years, located by the poison of the railway station and completely controlled by volunteers. Trams in the city were an important part of everyday life for more than 80 years until 1961. You can see them in the museum, which houses a wide selection of old models, as well as an interstate collection of trams from other regions and even countries. Jump on board and get your ticket from the conductor, from here you will be taken along a 4-kilometer path. Take time to watch the hall full of unique trams, including the oldest operating electric tram, dating back to 1896. Here you are allowed to take photos with exhibits and look unobstructed on a wide range of equipment and memorabilia from the former tramway system. On the territory of the museum you can have a snack, eat hot and cold food, ice cream, tea and coffee, as well as various drinks. Look in the Gift Shop and take a book or DVD to learn more about trams. The museum is fully managed by volunteers, and every dollar from ticket sales goes to the maintenance of the museum. It's more than just trams. There is a collection of vehicles that are somehow connected with trams. They include towers used to service the upper trolley wire, the AEC Matador Recovery Vehicle, which were used as the main engine of the trailers used as a means of transport between different parts of the network. You can see in real time the small exhibits in the museum of trams, which are perfectly viewed through the lens of the installed web camera.

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