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In the German cities and some unique existing museums, which will not find anywhere else, even if you travel around the world worldwide. One such place is the Museum of trams, which is very popular not only with locals but also tourists arriving in Hannover on vacation. Here you can learn many new things, get more knowledge, make unforgettable photos and just a fun excursion programs. Old boiler house at the Museum of trams is very popular here, it can be interesting and usefully spend time. So that people worldwide could see the object and to get a lot of new information about the world, it was decided to install a webcam and let loose the stream, absolutely for free. To make it interesting for a long time been out of position the web camera, and the result was the best way, through which the lens device was able to almost completely cover the area of the boiler room. Just because the camera was a bit removed, expanded usable space for viewing. One of the advantages of such a broadcast – availability, regardless of city of residence and the country of the user, the only condition is quality access to the Internet. Access web camera is available, the picture is served in real-time, but after sunset, when the Museum ceases to work and all sources of light extinguished, to see something in detail becomes quite difficult. All information provided operational, the picture demonstrates that in real-time on the illuminated object.

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