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A tram is a railway vehicle that runs along roads along city streets, and sometimes on a separate right of way. Lines or networks controlled by trams are called tramways. Trams on electricity are the most common type historically. Once they were called electric street railways. Nevertheless, trams were used in urban areas before the general adoption of electrification. Tram lines can run between cities and / or cities, and / or are partially divided into classes even in cities. The Railway Museum is a museum that examines the history of all aspects related to rail transport, including: locomotives (steam, diesel fuel, and electric models), railway cars, trams and railway signaling equipment. The Hannoversch-Strassenbahn Museum or the Hanover Tram Museum includes a collection of trams from all over Germany. Located on the site of the former potash mine in Sehnde, south-east of the city of Hanover. A view of the parking lot next to the museum of trams opens through the lens of the webcam, installed opposite. There is no night mode, so the lack of light does not allow you to view the object in the night hours with maximum benefit for yourself. It's best to watch the broadcast during the day. The camera is available around the clock in online mode.

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