Webcam Nalchik - Alley in Taukina garden

Веб камера Нальчик Атажукинский сад

About webcam "Alley in Taukina garden" in the city Nalchik

Not only around Nalchik, but inside it can be great fun. Recently the city has become one of the most beautiful in Russia, his administration has focused on the use of the architecture of the settlement of green space and not lost in the flowering period and then to late autumn, Nalchik is simply magnificent in its beauty. Popular with the local population and the visitors Atazhukinsky alley in the garden, on the site where people like to spend their free time Hiking. Alley is famous for its huge number of green spaces, among them not only huge trees, but flower beds, shrubs and more. In the garden there is area for passive recreation, among the plants installed benches, where not infrequently gather the company of young people and the older generation. In the alley has installed a webcam that allows people from all over the world to see and appreciate the object. The device is installed so that all users who are interested in the stream could learn a lot of useful information. The picture quality is great, just in the night time, due to the lack of on device night shooting the picture becomes softer. In the frame of fall plants, a path, but after sunset only illuminated objects can be seen in detail, and all because in the alley there is not enough light. Inspect the object for the benefit of themselves after dawn, when the sun's rays begin to illuminate even the most remote corners of the object. You will never spend wasted time if you spend it watching the broadcast from Nalchik. All Webcams are working around the clock, online and, therefore, the information timely and accurate.

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