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From Nalchik, as well as any other of the city were turning points for him was in 1997, when were the first attempts to improve the city. Much work has been done on the landscaping of streets and parks, in a huge number of flower beds were planted, and this could not fail to bear results. a year later the city parvu took third place in the competition for the Most comfortable city in Russia. I contributed a lot, including the termination of the industrial enterprises which have ceased to pollute the environment. Since then, the city has continued to receive good funds from the Federal budget for the improvement of its economy, culture, transport system and so on. After 1999 the Nalchik was officially considered a resort of Russia, on its territory, flowed streams of tourists from all over the country, so the city got a good further development. Today a well-developed recreation Park in the center, there are not only equipped with benches and plantings of the Park area, but there is a few rides. It is ideal for families with children, to consider it you can through our live webcam, which works in real time around the clock. Webcam installed so that the user could not just appreciate the benefits of places to stay, but also to see the overall architecture, to get maximum of useful information. At night the Park is not working, but the device continues to broadcast a picture. After sunset due to the removal of the webcam it will be difficult to distinguish something in detail, it is better to wait until dawn.

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