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See on webcam Chegem waterfalls in the gorge and watch the weather in Nalchik

Веб камера Нальчик Чегемское ущелье
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About webcam "Chegem waterfalls in the gorge" in Nalchik

On the territory of Nalchik, you'll never be bored, this is the perfect place that can be called Paradise on earth. The nature generously gave the city not only a convenient location but also a unique and diverse beauty of nature around him. It not only has vast plains with thousands of flower of the field, but also mountain peaks for active recreation, rivers and even waterfalls. View on them can not be fun. The most popular Hiking in the summer, when all around the water blooms, and spray from waterfalls to reduce the impact of the scorching sun. Today you can look on the Internet falls in the Chegem gorge, in real time, at any time convenient for you. The webcam is directed to the object so that the user can get maximum of useful information to discern the features of a natural object and to estimate its advantages. At night, the device continues to broadcast live to the whole world, only because of the remoteness and the paucity of bright light, the picture changes dramatically. The best time to explore the falls – a day when all the features of their architecture are perfectly visible from the screen of your computer and you can see the influx of tourists to this attraction. The web camera captures the entire object, a rocky part, where the water falls to the ground, the lake and the grounds where people come together with a service road. This is a unique opportunity to learn about the real weather in the city, to determine whether this is the place to be in your travel plan in Nalchik. Even if you are not going to come here, we advise you to definitely pay attention to the stream and to see how waterfalls.

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