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Climatic characteristics of the nal lies in the fact that it is dominated by foothill motives, it is not casual, because around the object collected by the Caucasian mountains. It is the proximity of the ridge has a significant impact on land of this district. Here there is no direct penetration of cold air, the mountains are a good protection for the city, but despite this here valley walk winds through vliianie which even in summer there are temperature fluctuations. The coldest months of the year is January, but it doesn't scare tourists and locals because of its varied sources there will always be where to relax, improve your health. the hottest month in Nalchik the month of July, but evening temperatures drop significantly and long-awaited coolness. A planning for your own holiday do not just want to have fun and to treat health, but there is no need to go abroad. In Russia enough resorts with useful properties that cannot be replaced or anything. So that people could see one of the mineral sources, how they are equipped, there was a webcam. Stream is available round the clock, any network user can see in Nalchik looks like a mineral spring. The device is installed so that it was evident the room, its overall design and location of the main objects. The camera operates around the clock, but at a later time in spring people come and because of the lack of lighting the picture quality is much worse. From the first glance you will realize that the city administration has done everything possible to elevate natural heritage.

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