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The area of Kaposvár — the largest in the city, the site of tram ways, this is the movement of trams in four areas: North — Tversky prospect in the direction of the new Volga bridge and the Zavolzhsky district in the southern direction — through a dedicated lane along the Avenue of Tchaikovsky, in the direction of the station square (train station) and bus station in a westerly direction of travel of Darwin in the street of Spartacus and the Proletarian district in Eastern direction along the Avenue of Victory towards the area of Tereshkova and the Moscow region The area is considered to be inconvenient for the passage of the intersection, on it often there are traffic jams and minor accidents, because of this, motorists sometimes referred to as "area nightmares". Traffic light in the square to 2013. In the 1980-ies, as well as for a few days in the mid-1990s it was installed, but it only worsened the traffic situation. Answering the question about the square in air of local television in the late 90-ies, the chief of traffic police of Department of internal Affairs of the Tver region joked that in such cases it is necessary immediately to build subways. According to experts traffic police, to establish in this area a traffic light, you need to remove the trams. For the unloading of traffic in the area since 2006 from the journey, Darwin was allowed to move only to the right (also only possible to move to the right side of Victory Avenue, and trucks, in addition to this, and Tverskoy Prospekt). However, this only stretched the tube on 2 blocks along the Avenue of Tchaikovsky. After the appearance of the traffic light allowed the movement to right and left.

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