Webcam Tver - The intersection of Trekhsvyatskaya St. and b. Radishchev

About webcam "The intersection of Trekhsvyatskaya St. and b. Radishchev" in the city Tver

The city of Tver is located on the territory of the Russian Federation, is a multi-million metropolis where people come not only to travel, but also for permanent residence. If you have an idea or need to move in on his turf, you have the opportunity to meet some of its areas by use of live Webcams. one mounted on a pole, where is the intersection and b is always relaxing. Radishcheva. Webcam fully embraces the intersection, it is visible markings, pedestrian walkway and direction of travel of the machine. The device will be a good assistant for those motorists who came to town for the first time. The webcam works around the clock in its frame along with the road gets the closest residential area, including sidewalks and high-rise buildings. The device operates in real time, and this means that everything that happens on your computer screen is happening now in the city of the territory. Device and night continues to broadcast videos to the world, to examine in detail the quality of the road and its signs it is difficult in the frame are only passing cars and silhouettes illuminated by their headlights.

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