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On the territory of Tver is a huge embankment, where people love and enjoy spending free time fishing. Especially in the summer. quay on the street of Stepan Razin is fenced and has throughout Parking for cars, due to this architecture, anyone has access to water and can spend nice time with friends. If you've never been there, but would like to see the city object, your ideal option will be to stream from the web camera installed on one side of the embankment. The device does not fully captures the waterfront, and only the part that enters the field of view, but this is enough to appreciate the charm of the walks here. Closer to the evening shows a crowd of people near the water, but after sunset it becomes quite difficult to see anything. All because the webcam has been removed from the water and walkways, so light sources are insufficient to feed on the computer screen high quality pictures. If your car enters the frame of the broadcast, then the webcam will help you to monitor its integrity at the time of absence.

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