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The green scene on the alley of heroes is a unique and beautiful place equipped for hiking, rollerblading and cycling. It is located in the city of Chernigov in Ukraine, on weekends there is always a lot of people here, there is enough walking space to not feel cramped. In addition to greenery, there are beds with flowers, the area is covered with brick tiles, there are benches and bins to preserve cleanliness. Indeed, if you look at the site is very clean. The webcam doesn’t completely cover the object, but you can also see its size and beauty by the broadcast image. For night walks, the alley is equipped with lanterns, although this light source is not enough to clearly see the silhouettes of people walking, but it is enough to understand that even at nightfall, the alley does not lose its popularity. Very pleased with the park area on the alley, which is completely unable to cover the webcam. Despite this, the picture transmitted in real time is enough so that you can appreciate the beauty and dignity of the object. If you are going to visit the city, be sure to consider it in more detail from the webcams available on the website. They will help you to make your personal, independent opinion about Chernihiv. Thanks to these opportunities, you will already have an approximate tourist route, where you should go there first. If you used to live there, but then moved and bored, then the device will help you transfer the separation easier, the webcam transmits not only a picture, but also a sound, immersing you in the atmosphere of your hometown.

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