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If you don't know what's the weather today in Chernigov, do not watch the weather forecasts, webcam applying real-time on your screen - the picture is the best assistant. The device is placed in different areas of the city, including those that have cultural or historical value and which are of little interest to people. Don't underestimate the benefits of technological progress, all that is invented by mankind would not be used, if they could not do much to improve the quality of life and a webcam. They now allow any person to travel the world, to follow the work and just learn something new. Prospekt Mira and TRK Megacenter in Chernihiv highlights the webcam, which completely covers the area in front of them. Thanks to a web camera can be traced to the presence of traffic jams in the area, a crowd of people, to monitor the integrity of the machine. The device delivers broadcast around the clock in real time, only at night are seen only rarely passing silhouettes of people under the Phanar and headlights from passing road vehicles. For large trees the camera is not able to cover a large area of the city, but it's enough to see the object in detail.

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