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City Park is always a popular place among the citizens, and not only because here you can spend your free time riding on the carousel, but just relax in the shade of large trees or by the fountain. Each city deals with the design of the Park on their own, and therefore a certain internal architecture is not. Central Park (Gorsad) in Chernihiv, which is located on the territory of Ukraine – a place that is not only its beauty, but also the size. Here is not one, but several fountains, when viewed from above can be considered made from plant patterns. The web camera installed on the territory of the Park covers the described objects, paths for walking, forest area and the carousel. For around the clock broadcast the picture you can see what the weather in this time in the city, how many people today in the Park. If your child is walking somewhere in the range shooting, then surely it will see and be able to track his movements for as long as it will stay in the frame. For those who have never been in the Park web Cam perfect assistant, which will help to get acquainted with this place at a distance, and if you've walked here, after enabling the broadcast can return to a familiar atmosphere. Just after dark, the photo quality due to the lack of enough light is getting worse.

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