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Веб камера Хмельницкий Центральный универмаг

About webcam "Central Mall" in Khmelnitsky

Central Department store in the city of Khmelnitsky is not a cultural value, but it enjoys great demand among local residents. To light up the city with more parties in different parts were installed a web camera that gives a clear, picture - in real time. Such excess can seem unnecessary, in fact, such products help to illuminate the life of the city is not only where are the monuments of culture. Moreover, near the Central Department store has a Parking lot, you can see if you have access to the Internet, what is happening there. Are there Parking spaces, how many and where is your vehicle. Webcam gives not only video but also sound, thanks to it you like back in the atmosphere of his native Khmelnytsky. To connect the camera you need a constant and good Internet connection in night time shooting mode is available, but the picture is due to the lack of the necessary light becomes much worse.

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