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The fortress is the jewel of the Castle, its prominent attraction. The history of the building reaches the depth of centuries, it occupied a prominent place among the medieval fortresses of the world. The story of her in the time of Ukraine-Rus ' has been little studied. But the existing architectural and archeological monuments confirm the testimony of history. Remains of earthen ramparts, these inalienable attributes of ancient settlements, archaeological materials of XII-XIII centuries, discovered by researchers in the fortress near the excavated stone fortifications, burial of the XIII century on the territory of these fortifications, which accounted for the Tatar attacks, clearly speak for the existence of a settlement during this period. The fortress was the citadel, encircled by ramparts. it preserved the core of the period of Kiev Rus', the researchers found at a depth of 11 meters, occupied the area on the slope of a high hill crowned by a Church. The promontory of the fortress, facing to the side, where he merged two rivers, was occupied by the gate tower, from whose walls diverge beams on the North and West. The Western wall of the ancient fortification is now under the earth *. It shares the current courtyard of the fortress in half. Since ancient times before it was dug a deep ditch. On the corners of the walls stood a round tower, one of them (the South) has been preserved in the reconstructed form. The Northern tower is still waiting for its researchers, in particular architectural and archaeological research. The Barbican, performed in front of the gate tower that protected the approaches to the gate. He had his gate and was rectangular in plan, the size of 10x8 meters, covered with a barrel vault with a height of 10 meters. Probably over the arch was located the battlefield, surrounded by an indented parapet. The entrance gate of the Barbican had the Gers – a device for lifting and lowering vorotnitsi, as evidenced by the gap width of 28 inches in the masonry of the jambs and the opening in the arch that crowned the gate. In case, if the enemy broke through the first obstacle – the Gers, the inner space of the Barbican protecting wood from the surrounding galleries. This structure had the monuments of defence construction of Ukraine-Rus ' – Golden gate in Kiev and Vladimir. But there they were cut in the earthworks and castle the curtain walls of stone. However, in Kiev and Vladimir the gate to the first obstacle, as in Medzhibozh, space, and protected with wooden side galleries. Unlike the Castle of the Gers there stopped the enemy from the city. However, in all these examples, the General system of defence of the gate was very similar.

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